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Amazing Chinese design on the big screen

There are some amazing Chinese films, locations and characters on the big screen, and with that comes inspiring oriental interiors. For fans of Chinese culture and design, historical accuracy and representation is a touchy subject, so we'll leave that to one side and look at some of the features and sets that use Chinese design and how you can recreate that in your own home.

Rural, rustic spaces

The Chinese countryside has been the inspiration for many films, and a rustic, traditional feel has been achieved. The Painted Veil is a good example of this. It was filmed in Huang Yao Ancient Town, with traditional stone houses, red lanterns, and old fashioned signs. This hidden gem in the Guangxi province is great inspiration for a rural-rustic Chinese inspired space. For this kind of look, use lots of Chinese writing in your space, fabric drapes and lanterns.

Luxurious decadent spaces

The Last Emperor is a great example of a luxurious and extravagant set inspired by the Imperial times in China. With unprecedented access to film in the Forbidden City, this movie features stunning gold and red royal furniture. The dragon motif is shown frequently, from sculptures to details on fans. The Curse of the Golden Flower is another great example of an opulent, luxurious Chinese set. From beautiful carved screens, to richly embroidered drapes and the exquisite gold throne, this is an incredible set. There are lots of oriental design elements that you could use in your own home if you're looking for a unique design space inspired by China. Use lots of red, a lucky colour, and gold, as well as lanterns, fans, and luxurious Chinese furniture. You'll notice lots of fine objects on display (which unfortunately get damaged in the martial arts scenes) which shows their appreciation for beautifully crafted and unique items like vases, sculptures and fabrics.

Refined, classic sets

Many films set in China opt for a refined, classic look. This look features lots of outdoor spaces, beautifully crafted furniture and fine objects. The early scenes in Ip Man, of his family house, are a good example of this, with ordered, refined spaces and formal, beautiful objects. This kind of space needs exquisite Chinese furniture, lots of open spaces and designated areas.

Watching films is a great way to look for inspiration for a new interior design theme for your home. If you love Chinese furniture and oriental design, check out our range of beautifully crafted and Chinese inspired furniture.