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Welcome to The Nine Schools website, we hope you like our products, if you want to buy one you can order online or call us and we can take your order over the phone. Delivery is free to mainland UK and is usually delivered within 1 – 2 weeks. All products are fully assembled, well made and beautifully finished. If you are not satisfied with your purchase we offer a free refund service. Any questions please call or email us.

What is Nine Schools?

We came to call ourselves ‘The Nine Schools’ because of a saying in a book that describes the nine tenets of Chinese thought – The Real Story, published 1921 by LE Xun, Ah Q “And so in the end I’ve taken my title from a phrase that’s popular among the storytellers, those lowly souls who have always been beyond the pale of the Three Doctrines and the Nine Schools.” – The Real Story, 1921 Le Xun, Ah Q .

The Nine Schools is a system of values that have shaped the Chinese people think and go about their daily business.

  1. Confucianism – Loosely translated means ‘School of scholars’. Confucius himself was a teacher and he championed strong family loyalty and respect for others – traits we like to see in ourselves and our work at The Nine Schools.
  2. Daoism – All about ‘Living in harmony’. Like Daoism, we like to think that our furniture and accessories will compliment your lifestyle and personality.
  3. Ying Yang – A concept used to describe how opposite or contrary forces are complementary. We believe our furniture will work in most people’s lives – no matter what your taste in interior design.
  4. Legalist – A philosophy emphasizing strict obedience to the legal system. This is important because it steers our working ethics here in the UK and abroad when working with our craftsmen and women.
  5. School of Names – Sometimes known as the ‘School or Forms and Names’ this is the traditional label for thinkers who have a shared interest language and other certain philosophies. Possibly tied in with Confucianism. The stories our design and patterns portrayare a pictorial language themselves and one that everyone can enjoy.
  6. Mohism – Best known for the concept of ‘impartial care’ or ‘universal love’. Something we truly put into every piece we create, and hope everyone feels about our work.
  7. Alliances and Strategies
  8. Miscellaneous Writers
  9. Agriculturalist
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