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Our craftsmen manufacture our products with the utmost respect to traditional Chinese and Oriental design and techniques. Each piece is hand sprayed with paint and lacquer and then hand decorated. All items are made in workshops in Shangdong Province, China.


The ceramics are made in Jingdezhen China.  It is known as the "Porcelain Capital" because it has been producing ceramics for at least 1,000 years, and for much of that period it produced the most important and finest quality in China.

The pieces are traditionally made with ancient patterns using symbols and flowers signifying happiness, joy, luck and prosperity.

Chinese design and patterns

Chinese tradition has used symbols and patterns to help inspire lives. They can signify and express the hopes, wishes and emotions of such things as happiness, wealth, fertility and strength.

  • The Butterfly – signifies young love and sociability – flitting from flower to flower.
  • The Dragon – a symbol of power, strength and good luck.
  • The Goldfish – helps bring wealth and energy and abundance into life.
  • The Phoenix – a symbol of high virtue and grace.
  • The Chrysanthemum – signifies a life of ease and good luck in the home.

Our designers and craftsmen produce furniture that stands out and reflects the essence of the tenets and the rich history of Chinese furniture design. They use simplicity of lines, traditional storytelling patterns, and rich finishes and adornments that result in attractive and individual pieces.

For the discerning collector or style-conscious home owner, our beautiful pieces somehow connect with people and integrate with their lives and living spaces.

We also take inspiration from the teachings of Feng Shui – one of the five arts of Chinese Metaphysics looking at harmonising human existence with the surrounding environment. Historically Feng Shui is used to orient buildings, something that you might be interested in when positioning one of our pieces, especially if adorned with a certain image such as the goldfish.

Whether you follow The Nine Schools philosophy or not, or are interested in Feng Shui or not, Chinese influenced furniture makes a statement. It tells a story.

Our workshops

Our workshopsare fully audited from both a social and technical angle (workers councils, employment laws and rights, and health and safety for example). Our aim is to produce well-made products at competitive prices, while at the same time supporting the local community by employing local and skilled professionals.

All furniture is made from locally sourced poplar wood and FSC plywood.

We have also manufactured for retailers such as John Lewis, House of Fraser and The General Trading Company who find the quality of our products exactly what their customers want.

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Customer services

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