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Breathe new life into your home this summer with oriental furniture

Summer is always a fantastic time to revamp the home, and if you’re looking for a completely new look, or just want to breathe new life into your existing style, oriental furniture is a fantastic way to do so. 

Unique furniture is something we’re all after, but we’re not necessarily sure where to look. Chinese furniture can add a unique touch to any living room, bedroom or hallway, and we have a beautiful selection of tables, cabinets and trunks to inject that into your home. 


There’s a few top trends emerging for the summer, one of these is Wabi-Sabi. While last season was all about Swedish-inspired Hygge, this season Wabi-Sabi is brought to the table. Inspired by oriental style, it represents staying true to yourself, and is all about authenticity. Your home should be clean, but still look inviting and lived in, too. 

Beautifully crafted furniture

Another big trend is to focus on beautifully crafted furniture using traditional techniques. Investing in the bigger buys and the statement long-term pieces are a great way to do this. A stunning piece of oriental furniture will stand out in a room and help really set it off. Think subtle colours with the most exquisite designs; one which will stand the test of time. 

Turquoise tones 

A true hint to the summer itself, turquoise is a stunning colour, and a popular shade for summer 2018. Turquoise tones are a beautiful way to complement fresh whites and ivories in the home, but they also pair well with darker palettes, too. Peppered with hints of gold, The Nine Schools' oriental blue sideboard is a stunning edition to your home and a great way to adhere to this summery trend. 

Harmonising with subtle colours and patterns 

Harmonising and matching items, without being too OTT, is hot off the press for this season. Think subtle colours and patterns which work well together, but don’t look too wild when you step into the room. Chinese furniture is a beautiful way to execute this, where one or two beautifully made and high-quality pieces will look bang on trend in any room in the house. 

Positive vibes 

Last but not least, your home should fill you with positive vibes. Styling your home to reflect this is not only on-trend, but also a great way to drive a positive mind-set and be more productive. 

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