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Daoism in Chinese furniture and design

Chinese culture has many rich cultural legacies from Ying & Yang to Mohism. All these have helped shape not only Chinese culture over the years but also the outside world as a whole. One very important school of thought in this regard is Daoism.

Daoism in Chinese furniture and design

What is Daoism?

Daoism is a religious and philosophical way of thinking, similar to Confucianism. It differs from the teachings of Confucius though as it does not have as many set rules or ways of acting. Daoism is all about living in harmony with your surroundings and paying note to the 'Three Treasures'.

These 'Three Treasures' were guidelines Daoists used when going about their daily lives. They were frugality, compassion and humility. This should itself give a good idea of what Daoism is all about. It promotes showing care to others and helping out where you can. The humility reminds you to always be humble and never get too big headed about things. Frugality is about not living in an overly extravagant way and always being tasteful in how you behave. 

How does Daoism relate to Chinese furniture and design?

The concept of the 'Three Treasures' and living in harmony with the world is really at the heart of the impact this philosophy has on Chinese interior design. It allows people to choose furniture that blends together well to form one harmonious whole in the home. This harmonious nature also extends to items like this Qing cabinet that blends colours together perfectly on the furniture itself.

For Chinese furniture makers or designers, this attention to colours and patterns working in harmony is crucial. It is at the front of their mind when making a piece of furniture or decorating a home. Frugality does also come into play too in this respect. Not in the way that things are not decorated at all but in that the decoration is tasteful and not over the top. Chinese furniture is superb at creating a serene, calm atmosphere and Daoism helps it to do that. 

Let Daoism help you decorate your home today

If you are looking for a new piece of furniture or to decorate your whole house, let the guiding Daoist principles help. By choosing furniture that fits together well to create harmony and in a tasteful manner, you will find your home becomes an oasis of tranquillity. Oriental interiors give a unique way of doing this and will make your home a fabulous place to relax in.