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Feng Shui tips for beginners

The principles of Feng Shui could help you reorganise and revitalise your space. Not only that, Feng Shui could help usher in many facets of good fortune such as health, wealth, abundance and opportunity. Here we have some simple tips that will help you bring positive energy into your home:

feng shui tips for beginners

Start with the door

This is where you should begin, as the doorway is the point of entrance for all energy or 'chi'. In fact, it represents the way that chi enters your life. Therefore, it should be clean and tidy so that nothing is blocking the chi. The entry to your home should be bright and light, and most of all welcoming.

Introduce a water feature or aquarium

A water feature, such as a fountain or aquarium, is a good way to encourage chi for your career and finances. It's important to make sure the fountain is flowing inwards into your home and not towards the door. The location of your water feature or aquarium matters too. If you hope to benefit your career, then it should be located in the north of your home. If you're hoping for wealth, place it in the southeast section.

Place main pieces of furniture in an empowering position

Think about the pieces of furniture where you spend most of your time. This might be your desk, bed or sofa for instance. To put these key items in an empowering position means you need to be able to see the door of the room from the furniture, but you should not in direct alignment with it. This position will make you feel stronger and more at ease.

Have calm areas and active areas

You've heard of the concept of yin/yang, right? Well, this tip is all about creating such a balance in your home. There will be areas with lots of activity, such as the kitchen, and calmer, more restful areas such as the bedroom. To make sure certain areas stay calm, remove electronics from those spaces. In other words, avoid having a TV in your bedroom as the active energy is not conducive to calm.

It is clear that the teachings of Feng Shui help us find harmony with the environment around us. That's why at The Nine Schools we take inspiration from these teachings when creating our oriental furniture. Like us, you may find the philosophy influential and inspirational if you decide to give it a try.