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How to create an oriental style bedroom

Your bedroom is your sanctuary, and one of the places in your home where you should be able to relax, enjoy and feel invigorated. Investing in good quality pieces of oriental furniture will help you create a look that is both inspired by ancient traditions but still contemporary.

Oriental Inspired Bedroom

Start with the furniture

Oriental furniture has a very distinctive look; often furniture is lacquered to give it a beautiful sheen, and if you like statement pieces, the detailed patterns of oriental pieces will likely appeal to you. Follow your taste, as there's something to suit everyone. Choosing key pieces will pull your theme together instantly, and then accessories will help finish off your look.

Minimalist styling

If you prefer minimal style furniture, choose an oriental inspired piece in neutral tones like this oyster grey cabinet. A pair of these as bedside tables will give a nod to oriental inspiration without overpowering the space. To pull this minimalist look together, a medium cupboard in the same style that you can keep make up, clothes, linen or toiletries in will complete the look. Add a futon and plain white bedding and you have a peaceful, simple retreat.

Statement looks

If you prefer full on glamour in your bedroom go all out with a traditional oriental look - black lacquered, highly decorated pieces. A traditional oriental piece will really stand out in your bedroom. Try a trunk like this one if you just want a nod to oriental inspiration. If you prefer your bedroom to be a big statement you could match a trunk with bedside tables and even a linen cabinet. Turquoise and teal look great with these colours so you could add in additional bedding and accessories to really glam up, or use white and gold as accent colours for a calm contrast. Keep other furniture simple otherwise you'll find everything looks cluttered and the room is overpowered.

Feng Shui tips for your bedroom

To keep your bedroom as your oasis of calm, follow these Feng Shui tips:

1. Keep your bedroom clutter free - don't use your bedroom for storage and put items away.

2. Don't place your furniture anywhere that will block natural pathways and doorways.

3. Don't place your furniture so that any of its sharp corners are angled to face the bed.

4. Choose restful colours in your bedroom - Oyster grey and white are perfect bedroom colours.

5. Keep your bedroom free of anything work related.

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