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How to make your bedroom feng shui

Chinese interior design is renowned for being beautiful and elegant. Oriental furniture designs are inspired by the calming influence and serene beauty of nature, making oriental interiors the idyllic way to decorate your bedroom.

1. Declutter

The bedroom is the heart of the house and the room that we can truly relax in. In order to make the bedroom as serene as it should be, it is important to keep it as organised and stress-free as possible. Leave any electronic distractions (such as televisions) elsewhere in the house, as these can disrupt the calming energy expected from your room. It can be difficult to let go of material possessions, but a common method of decluttering in Japanese culture is to get rid of any item that no longer brings you joy.

2. Reorganise

Where you place your furniture is an incredibly important aspect of making your bedroom feng shui. At the heart of it is achieving balance and aesthetically pleasing symmetry. It is important to utilise the space to the best of your ability; start by ensuring that the bed is the focal point of the room and easy to access. Advocates of feng shui also believe in placing a small cabinet either side of your bed to create a uniform appearance. This is where our Qing oyster grey cabinet could be ideal because its small size saves space and the light colour helps to further open up the space.

3. Decorate

A common misconception with feng shui is that it doesn't allow for any creativity when decorating. The aesthetic is minimal, but you can still decorate your bedroom with unique and beautiful artwork and furniture; doing so could actually boost the positive and calming energy that emanates from your room. Good quality oriental furniture could be what your bedroom is missing. An oriental decorated bookcase could be the perfect addition to any literature lover's bedroom and encourage them to pick up a book instead of technology. Our unique console tables would make the perfect dressing table and are available in several colours to suit the mood and tone you desire for your bedroom.

Before you can create a feng shui bedroom, you have to choose which furniture will help you to achieve this; Oriental furniture can truly transform your room into a tranquil paradise. The designs are unique, ornately made and will certainly be treasured for years to come.

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