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Ideas to help create a Chinese themed kitchen

Oriental furniture can help to create a wonderful oriental themed kitchen, where East meets West. The look can be dramatic or subtle, depending on your colour scheme, choice of accessories and kitchen furniture. The oriental kitchen features simple lines and lots of charm. Below we share some design ideas for creating your Chinese kitchen.

Sense of space

An oriental themed kitchen has a sense of space and order. Everything needs its own place so that the kitchen can be kept tidy. Think of where you can place shelves, cabinets and cupboards in the kitchen, that also make the best use of your space. If the kitchen is large enough, then it's also a good idea to create a dining area with a simplistic console kitchen table with paper lanterns.

Chinese cabinets

Storage is incredibly important in the oriental themed kitchen. The good news is that Chinese kitchen furniture is also decorative and intricate. Use freestanding cabinets and oriental furniture such as an oriental decorated blue sideboard or cabinet. Classic pieces of furniture such as these will create a beautiful visual display that is also highly practical. The good news is that this type of furniture will last for many years.

Keep it simple

One of the most important considerations is to keep the kitchen design simple. Minimalism is key in oriental design. Use clear lines, bamboo, simple colours and natural materials such as wood and slate. Ensure that all of these elements work together against a simplistic wooden floor and free-flowing design.

Have fun with accessories

The Chinese themed kitchen can allow you to have lots of fun with accessories. The key here is to use accessories that have a function to keep with the simplistic theme. Bamboo bowls, shades of reds and golds that are used in cups and saucers, will work well in this style of kitchen. You can be as bold as you wish, or keep things naturalistic. Just choose items that you love and will use.


The overall colour scheme that is used on your kitchen walls very much depends upon the size of your kitchen and the amount of natural light. Large and airy kitchens can be painted in natural greens, bold reds, and shades of brown. Smaller spaces will work best in paler shades of green and golds. Splashes of colour can be added to smaller spaces with the use of colourful oriental cabinets, console tables and bookshelves. Remember to have fun while creating your Oriental themed kitchen. Choose items and colours that you love.

For further inspiration, please do browse The Nine Schools website.