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Qing Dynasty Oriental Furniture - then and now

Elegance and style: these are the two qualities that Oriental furniture can bring to any home. The classical designs of wildlife, foliage, and portraiture brings an old-world feel that still complements any modern interior design.

But what’s the history behind it?

Qing Dynasty Oriental Furniture Pinterest Graphic
Much of the most appreciated Chinese furniture designs can be traced back to the Qing Dynasty. In this time period, following and deeply linked to the well-known Ming Dynasty, China found an unprecedented level of political and economic stability. As a result, citizens began to focus on the finer things in life.

Art, and the artists who created it, underwent a boom period; dignified culture and luxury were respected and desired, with finely-crafted masterpieces becoming highly sought-after. Quickly, this artful flare found its way into Chinese interior design. It was a time where many of the common citizens of China could live with the extravagant means that scholars and rulers did, and their furniture would show it.

Gold and silver finishes, ornate paintings and murals, and fine craftsmanship became the trademark for the peoples’ furnishings. From screens to cabinets to beds, no expense was spared to create the most beautiful unique furniture one could find.

Today, this dedication to quality and craftsmanship carries on. They say what’s old is new again, but this style of Oriental furniture never went out of style.

Consider a home that features unique furniture entirely inspired by mixing modern-day sleek builds and integrity, with the lavish decoration of the past. Pieces such as this Qing black and gilt sideboard are simple yet timeless, and complementary of any modern interior design thanks to their classic sensibility. 

And, of course, nature has never had as large an impact on the arts than in China. Pieces such as this Oriental decorated blue sideboard showcase the peaceful tranquillity that this style brings to any home. This imagery has lived on for centuries and continues to inspire countless pieces of art and furniture to this day.

These oriental interiors are the result of a marriage between sensible, sturdy design and a brilliant, timeless art style. They are a throwback to a dynasty, a time long past in the history books but still looked on fondly to this day.

So, when you’re furnishing a room and conceptualising new ideas for your interior design, consider the art of the past. Oriental furniture can bring your home a look for the ages.