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Revitalise your living room with the unique charm of Oriental furniture

Feng Shui is a well known practice of organising your home to improve one's mental health by clearing the atmosphere of negative spirits. Feng Shui enables us to live in harmony with our environment which is particularly important when it comes to your living room. The Nine Schools' furniture is crafted with the principle of Feng Shui in mind and each piece of oriental furniture will help you to create the perfect balance of activity and calm in your living room.

Asian Inspired Living Room

Separating calm spaces from active spaces

Most people's living rooms are a multifunctional space where different activities take place. It is important to separate items which symbolise high activity such as the television, sound system or games station from calmer items such as a bookshelf or your comfortable sofa. By creating designated calm zones and activity zones in your living space, noisy items such as the television cannot disturb the peaceful energy created in the restful calm zone, giving you and your family space to unwind.

Creating a calm zone in your living room

Introducing Feng Shui in your living room has never been easier with The Nine Schools' beautiful abundance of oriental cabinets which come in a variety of sizes. The Oriental Matt Black small cabinet for example is punctuated by intricate gold gilt decoration and adorned with antiqued steel metalwork. A colourful item like this is perfect for your calm zone positioned next to the sofa with a delicate vase filled with seasonal flowers.

Keeping your calm zone tidy

We are all guilty of leaving our belongings strewn around the living room from time to time, but keeping your calm zone tidy doesn't need to feel like a chore. Oriental storage trunks such as The Nine Schools' Qing black and gilt trunk is the perfect solution which won't clash with the colourful items in your living room. The small trunk has a satin black finish with gold distressed edges and boasts a safety stop with an antiqued steel pin closure.

The centrepiece of your calm zone

Every calm zone deserves a beautifully bold bookcase such as the Oriental decorated bookcase in blue, with 3 removable shelves and finished in distressed turquoise with hand painted and gilt decoration. It is ideal for stashing away everything in your living room from tall photo albums to travel guides.