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Soothing nature-inspired oriental interiors for springtime

Oriental interiors are famous for creating an ambience of calm and serenity. From Feng Shui to Zen, design principles from oriental cultures emphasise harmony and balance as an aesthetic priority. Where is this sense of balance drawn from? In most cases, it is inspired by nature.

Soothing nature-inspired oriental interiors for springtime

Natural colours and patterns 

The colours and patterns of oriental interior design echo the shapes and tones of the natural world. This could be the secret of their peaceful effect on our living space and the reason why so many people look to furnish their sanctuary spaces in an oriental style.

Traditional oriental art work features elegant, simple representations of the gentle curves and soft colour palettes of landscapes and plants. Choosing oriental furniture with soft outlines and simple designs can recreate this calming aesthetic throughout your home.

As spring bursts into bloom around us, your eye may be drawn to some of the more vibrant hues in the oriental palette - lush blossom pinks and purples, the bright turquoise of a summer sea, the warm yellow of spring flowers. Choosing a soft and neutral palette as the basis for your oriental interior design will allow these accents to really pop with freshness.

Stone decorations and pebble arrangements 

To create balance and offset the lush, colourful soft furnishings you might select to accent your space, try including carved stone decorations or minimalist pebble arrangements to bring some of the grounding, calming energy of nature to a room. Bamboo is another natural material often used in oriental interior design and there are a range of bamboo products to choose from including blinds, furniture and screens.

The thoughtful inclusion of water into a living space is not only fantastic for Feng Shui but also helps to freshen and cool your home. The sound of trickling water and the reflected light dancing on your walls and ceilings brings a uniquely calming and uplifting ambience to any home.

Feng Shui and plants 

Feng Shui interior design principles make generous use of plants in indoor spaces and you might want to read up on where to place a Peace Lily or even a Chinese Money Plant in your home for best effect. Plants vastly improve the air quality of a space and enliven the atmosphere of your home as well as looking beautiful!

With so many wonderful ways to bring nature indoors through oriental interior design, why not get creative and make use of that fresh spring energy to revitalise your home with a brand new look and feel.