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The enduring oriental influence on our interiors

From the neutral calm of Japanese zen to the richness and complexity of a Chinese lacquered cabinet, influences from the rich cultures of the East have had a profound effect on our interior design. Oriental interiors have long exerted an influence on the Western imagination, and have inspired our love of neutrals, Chinese furniture and understated and minimal design.

Inspiration from nature

Both Japanese and Chinese interiors are influenced by clean and uncluttered lines and a strong belief in harmony and balance. Influences from nature are strong, even in more ornamented Chinese interiors referenced in this beautiful blue sideboard with its butterfly motif.

Natural light is allowed to flood into these beautifully minimalist interiors, with their dependence on natural colours, materials and textures. A palette of tan, cream and oatmeal with accents of bamboo, ebony and stone creates interiors for the way we live today in open plan spaces with a natural and dynamic flow.

The influence of Feng Shui

While we associate the clean lines of shoji screens and the efficient use of space with Japanese interiors, the Chinese are no less interested in creating the perfect dynamic in their homes. Where the Chinese are proud to use rich and elaborate ornamentation to reflect their history and culture, the practice of Feng Shui means that everything within the home has both its place and its meaning.

The Chinese home is also alive with craftsmanship and attention to detail, and we reflect that approach to creating unique furniture in pieces like our slim and elegant console table. Take your oriental interiors inspiration from the Chinese love of rich, saturated colours and bold yet sophisticated furniture, combined with the underlying order of good Feng Shui.

Balance is the key

Japanese and Chinese interiors may seem somewhat different, but they share an underlying understanding of the need for balance. Your oriental interiors can take an eclectic, magpie approach and borrow from both styles as long as you respect the underlying principles of organisation. Management of the space is key to create flow and dynamism and you'll need to declutter ruthlessly and invest in good storage solutions like our Qing oyster grey trunk.

Bring good Chi energy into your home with plenty of quality light and air. Be inspired by a natural palette with pops of rich colour to create comfortable, contemporary interiors that reference history and craftsmanship. By respecting the principles of Zen and Feng Shui, you'll create an interior space that enhances body and soul.