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What makes Chinese interior design so fascinating?

The Chinese culture is a rich and varied one, stretching back many generations. From beautiful poetry in the Tang dynasty to the sublime artistry of the Qing dynasty, it has many layers to immerse yourself in. One key strand of Chinese culture is the importance of symbols in its furniture design. This added depth gives it a real fascination when compared to traditional Western-style furniture.

What makes Chinese Interior Design so fascinating?

Chinese furniture helps to inspire and energise

Within Chinese furniture making, symbols and patterns have long been used when designing a piece. From butterfly decorated sideboards to cabinets with pretty flowers on, Chinese furniture makers have always incorporated this into their designs. But why do they do this? The simple answer is that Chinese culture places great value on certain symbols as they believe they bring specific qualities with them. By placing these symbols on furniture, it is believed that the good characteristics of that symbol will be present in the home the furniture rests in also.

What do the major symbols mean?

The most common symbols used by Chinese furniture makers are used to signify love, wisdom and wealth, among other things. Here is some more information on the ones used most widely:

  • The Butterfly - used to signify love and social charm
  • The Dragon – used as a symbol of power and strength. It is also included on Chinese furniture to bring good luck
  • The Goldfish – this symbol is used to bring energy and wealth into the homeowner's life
  • The Phoenix – this is a prized symbol in China and signifies grace and virtue
  • The Chrysanthemum – symbolises a life of comfort with much good fortune

Let Chinese culture and furniture refresh your home

Even if you don't believe in the power of symbols to attract the above qualities, Chinese furniture is still a great way to totally transform your home. It will give an exotic, new look that you will love and bring a sense of serene calm to your home. Browse our wide choice of sublime Chinese furniture today and find the ideal piece for you.

Whether you go for a piece with symbols on or not, we are sure you will love the craftsmanship and style they bring. All our pieces are truly unique and will add an instant touch of beauty to any home. If you need any help in choosing the perfect piece of Chinese furniture for you, then get in touch with us today.