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What makes Chinese interior design so special?

Chinese interior design has been studied and admired across the world for generations. The feel it gives to any home with the colours, designs and furniture used is enduringly popular. This is especially true in the Western world where the guiding principles of Oriental interiors holds a particular fascination. 

But just what makes Chinese furniture and interior design so magical?

1. Uncluttered layouts

The first really unique thing with Oriental interiors is that they are normally very clean in their layout. Clutter is not seen and rooms are not overfilled with furniture. The furniture that is there will only be included if needed and if it works in the room, like this stunning bookcase. The key is placing key elements in a room that balance together well.

2. Use of patterns and colours

Another special feature of Chinese interior design is the way it uses exotic patterns and colours. The vibrant hues and intricate patterns found on Chinese furniture, for example, really add something special to any room. When this is combined with the other room furnishings and the paint colour, the overall effect is stunning. Of course, blending the different colours and patterns together is key to achieve a harmonious total result.

3. Placement of furniture

Most people will have heard of Feng Shui and this illustrates another important point about Oriental interior design. Nothing is placed in a room without thought or in a haphazard way. The placement of furniture and other things in a room are crucial to Chinese interiors. This not only makes it a calming space to exist in but also helps attract good fortune into the home. 

4. A feast for the senses

As we have touched on a little in the above points, Chinese interior design is about a total sensory experience. It is much about the feeling created when you walk into a room as it is about what you see. That is why bold colours like red are used with natural wood accessories or high-gloss lacquer cabinets are set against bamboo plants. This mixture enables it to get an opulent, luxurious atmosphere that still feels serene. 

If you want to give your home a refresh, then why not consider a Chinese approach to your interiors? Remember to think about all the elements we have looked at and choose the best quality furniture to grace your rooms. If you do this, you will be amazed at the results.