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The fascinating history of Chinese cabinets

The primary design features of oriental furniture have changed little since the long-ago days when all-powerful emperors reigned and exotic pieces were all the rage in English country homes. Still decadent, ostentatious, and exquisitely crafted, this style of interior design is exceptionally beautiful, especially when it takes the form of the world-renowned Chinese cabinet. 

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Revitalise your living room with the unique charm of Oriental furniture

Feng Shui is a well known practice of organising your home to improve one's mental health by clearing the atmosphere of negative spirits. Feng Shui enables us to live in harmony with our environment which is particularly important when it comes to your living room. The Nine Schools' furniture is crafted with the principle of Feng Shui in mind and each piece of oriental furniture will help you to create the perfect balance of activity and calm in your living room.

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How to create an oriental style bedroom

Your bedroom is your sanctuary, and one of the places in your home where you should be able to relax, enjoy and feel invigorated. Investing in good quality pieces of oriental furniture will help you create a look that is both inspired by ancient traditions but still contemporary.

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