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Oriental furniture: the symbolism behind the patterns

Today, oriental furniture is prized for its beautiful, aesthetic appearance that gives any room an air of sophistication from far-away lands. However, many people don’t realise that these designs that give Chinese furniture its characteristic look have deeper cultural significance through symbolism. Here's a quick guide to what some of the more common symbols represent: Dragons Dragons are instantly recognised as a symbol of China, playing an important role in the country’s mythology and folklore. They are not only an imperial symbol of authority, but also represent power, most notably in the form of controlling water, storms, and floods. In the past, Chinese emperors were thought of as sons of dragons and therefore ordinary citizens could not use the dragon...

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The enduring oriental influence on our interiors

From the neutral calm of Japanese zen to the richness and complexity of a Chinese lacquered cabinet, influences from the rich cultures of the East have had a profound effect on our interior design. Oriental interiors have long exerted an influence on the Western imagination, and have inspired our love of neutrals, Chinese furniture and understated and minimal design.

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Using oriental furniture to create a statement look in your home

The traditional furniture we often see in museums and galleries is stunning, with intricate design and patterns, but these are very much antique pieces, designed for the lives of people many years ago. If you've often admired this furniture and would like to create a similar look in your home, but with a contemporary feel, how could you go about this?

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Feng Shui tips for beginners

The principles of Feng Shui could help you reorganise and revitalise your space. Not only that, Feng Shui could help usher in many facets of good fortune such as health, wealth, abundance and opportunity. Here we have some simple tips that will help you bring positive energy into your home

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