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What makes Chinese interior design so special?

Chinese interior design has been studied and admired across the world for generations. The feel it gives to any home with the colours, designs and furniture used is enduringly popular. This is especially true in the Western world where the guiding principles of Oriental interiors holds a particular fascination. 

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Daoism in Chinese furniture and design

Chinese culture has many rich cultural legacies from Ying & Yang to Mohism. All these have helped shape not only Chinese culture over the years but also the outside world as a whole. One very important school of thought in this regard is Daoism.

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What makes Chinese interior design so fascinating?

The Chinese culture is a rich and varied one, stretching back many generations. From beautiful poetry in the Tang dynasty to the sublime artistry of the Qing dynasty, it has many layers to immerse yourself in. One key strand of Chinese culture is the importance of symbols in its furniture design. This added depth gives it a real fascination when compared to traditional Western-style furniture. Chinese furniture helps to inspire and energise Within Chinese furniture making, symbols and patterns have long been used when designing a piece. From butterfly decorated sideboards to cabinets with pretty flowers on, Chinese furniture makers have always incorporated this into their designs. But why do they do this? The simple answer is that Chinese culture...

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Soothing nature-inspired oriental interiors for springtime

Oriental interiors are famous for creating an ambience of calm and serenity. From Feng Shui to Zen, design principles from oriental cultures emphasise harmony and balance as an aesthetic priority. Where is this sense of balance drawn from? In most cases, it is inspired by nature. Natural colours and patterns  The colours and patterns of oriental interior design echo the shapes and tones of the natural world. This could be the secret of their peaceful effect on our living space and the reason why so many people look to furnish their sanctuary spaces in an oriental style.Traditional oriental art work features elegant, simple representations of the gentle curves and soft colour palettes of landscapes and plants. Choosing oriental furniture with...

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The meaning of colour in Chinese culture

Colour symbolism is far more important in oriental cultures than it is here in the west. Their colour theory is based on the five elements - Earth, Fire, Metal, Water and Wood - which play an equally important part in Chinese culture. Here's what the five most important colours mean in China.

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